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TS01 - Probalistic risk assesment

Name of the course TS01 - Probabilistic risk assessment
ECTS  0.5
Date  22 - 23 September 2011 
Location  Stryszawa near Krakow, Poland
Course Programme Course programme and participants
First period: MOVE workshop

Introduction to MOVE project (Dr. Sylvia Pratzler-Wanczura)
Presentation Prof. Virginia Murray (HPA , UK)
Presentation Prof. Jean Jacques Wagner (University of Geneva)
Presentation of Generic Framework and the MOVE Project (Peter Zeil)
Presentations of MOVE Case Study London  (Dr Rukhe Zehra Zaidi)
Presentation of research on vulnerability assessment in Turkey (Dr ArzuTaylan)
Good practices for Crisis (Disaster) Management (Dr Romuald Grocki)

Second period: Concepts, definitions, vulnerability

Principles of vulnerability assessment (Sterlacchini, CNR)
Statistic methods: fundamentals, components, equations, uncertainty (Ballabio, CNR)
Introduction to MULTIRISK platform (Glade & Promper, UNIVIE)

Third period: Landslide and Flood hazard and risk assessment

Landslide Susceptibility and hazard assessment I (Reichenbach, CNR)
.   Part 1
.   Part 2
Temporal and magnitude probability (Malet, CNRS)
Landslide runout assessment (Lemaitre, CNRS)
Flood hazard and risk assessment (Stefan Jaeger, Geomer)

Fourth period: CAPRA 

Description and demonstration of CAPRA I (Mora, CIMNE)
Part 1
.  Part 2
Description and demonstration of CAPRA II (Velasquez, CIMNE)