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RiskChanges Documentation

RiskChanges: a Spatial Decision Support System for analyzing changing hydro-meteorological risk

Technical Documentation

GotoRickChanges This page contains the Technical Documentation for the RiskChanges Spatial Decision Support System.

The RiskChanges system is a Spatial Decision Support System for the analysis of changing Multi-Hazard risk. It is a true open source system and welcomes early adopters, developers from collaborating organisations and other individuals from around the world have contributed to software development. The system is built on an assorted stack of open-source software components, such as PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Geoserver, ExtJS, Python, OpenLayers and PHP. 

The system consists of a number of modules:

• A data management module where users can upload hazard maps, elements‐at‐risk maps and vulnerability curves for their own area of interest. Users can also define risk reduction alternatives and future scenarios and upload the hazard maps, elements‐at‐risk maps and vulnerability data for these;
• A risk assessment module which allows the users to calculate the losses for specific combinations of hazard maps and elements‐at‐risk maps, and combine these into a quantitative risk assessment both for economic as well as population risk;
• A cost‐benefit module where users can analyze the CBA for different risk reduction measures that are proposed to reduce the risk;
• A multi‐criteria decision making module where users can evaluate the best risk reduction option based on the quantitative information calculated from the risk and CBA modules, and from user defined additional criteria;
• A visualization module where users can visualize input map, loss maps and risk maps;
• A user management module where users can manage their roles within the system.

As it is now, the RiskChangesis an open source platform that comprises of a Geoserver, PostGIS and JavaScript client side (OpenLayers and GeoExt based on ExtJS). The systememploys HTML, JavaScript and CSS on the client side with a combination of Python/PHP scripting language and a PostGIS database on the server side. All the maps and all the data are stored in the PostGIS database. Analytical components for risk are implemented using SQL in the spatial database and decision analysis calculations are carried out in JavaScript on the client side. Finally, all the results are stored into the database.The whole system is running on a single Linux system.

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