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ESR04 Žiga Malek

 Name Žiga Malek
 Nationality Slovenia
 Address International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Schlossplatz 1, A-2361 Laxenburg, Austria
 Host Organisation IIASA
 Research topic Analysis of expected changes in ecosystems and land use patterns in relation to climate change and future economic development
   Work package WP2 Evaluating changes in exposed elements at risk and their vulnerability
   Research interests Land Use/Cover Changes, Ecosystem Services, Mountain Regions




Malek Ž (2014), Combining participatory modelling and land change simulation for generating spatially explicit scenarios of future tourism development: example in the Italian Alps. International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps (ISCAR) Forum Alpinum '14. Darfo Boario Terme, Italy

Malek Ž (2015), Fuzzy-logic Cognitive Mapping: Introduction and overview of the method. In: Gray S, Jordan R, Pallisimio M, Gray S. Including Stakeholders in Environmental Modeling: Considerations, Methods and Applications (In press).

Malek Ž, (2014), Future land change scenarios for risk assessment: Linking participatory modelling and geosimulation. International Conference: Analysis and Management of Changing Risks for Natural Hazards. Padova, Italy

Malek Ž, Balteanu D, Micu M (2014), Land use and Cover Changes in the Bend Carpathians and Subcarpathians. International Geographical Union - Commission on Land Use and Cover Changes 2014 Symposium: Land use-Land cover Changes and Land Degradation, Bucharest, Romania

Malek Ž, Boerboom L (2015), Development of land use change scenarios to address changes to hydro-meteorological risk: an Alpine case study. Accepted to Mountain Research and Development.

Malek Ž, Glade T, Boerboom L (2014). Generating local scale land use/cover change scenarios: case studies of high-risk mountain areas. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 16, EGU2014-5675, 2014

Malek Ž, Glade T, Boerboom L (under review), Future forest cover change under a set of forest policy scenarios: An example from Buzau Subcarpathians, Romania. Submitted to Environmental Management.

Malek Ž, Schröter D , Glade T (2013), Land use/cover changes in European mountain areas: identifying links between global driving forces and local consequences. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 15, EGU2013-1900-1, 2013

Malek Ž, Schröter D, Glade T, Boerboom L (2014). Effects of possible forest management scenarios in the Romanian Carpathians. Abstract for the 2nd Global Land Project Open Science Meeting. Berlin 2014.
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Malek Ž, Schröter D, Glade T, Boerboom L (2014). Hydro-meteorological risk and socio-economic development: future land cover scenarios of an alpine valley. Abstract for the 2nd Global Land Project Open Science Meeting. Berlin 2014.
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