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Guidelines for extended abstracts, posters and presentations:
Abstract & Extended abstract

How to get there

The deadline for submission of abstract has been extended to: 1 October 2014.
The deadline for submission of extended abstracts is 9 November 2014. 

Proceedings will be made in digital form which will be made available during registration.  Selected papers may be included in a book which is planned to be ready by the beginning of 2015.

Outcome of the selection process and first draft of the programme will be made available by 15 October.

The template for the abstracts can be downloaded here.

Extended abstracts and posters:
The template for the extended abstracts can be found here. The extended abstract instructions example can be found here.
For persons presenting a poster you can also submit a PDF version of your poster instead of the extended abstract. 

Formatting guidelines for extended abstracts:

  • The template for extended abstracts should be followed. 
  • Deadline for submission is 9 November.
  • Include the Abstract code that you can find on the detailed programme page for your abstract
  • Extended abstract will be uploaded on the detailed programme page and will be provided on a USB during the registration.
  • Extended abstracts should be provided in Arial font size 11 point. 
  • The body of the text should be 10 pages maximum, including references. 
  • Headings should be Arial font size 12 bold.
  • References should be provided using the Harvard referencing style. 
  • Tables and figures explanations should be done using also Arial font size 11 point, but in italic.
  • Non-formatted extended abstracts will not be accepted.
  • The extended abstract instructions example can be found here.

Formatting guidelines for the posters:

  • The boards are 97 cm wide and 234 cm high. 
  • The maximum sized poster that will fit on the board is 92cm x 220 cm and pins will be used to hang the posters.   
  • Participants could hang the posters during registration, from 8:30 to 9:00 and during breaks.
  • Please include the logo for the conference which you can download here

Formatting guidelines for the presentations:

  • The time slot for one presentation is 15 minutes. Moderators will keep to these time slots in a strict manner.
  • The actual presentation should have a maximum duration of 12 minutes which leaves 3 minutes for discussions. 
  • The presentation should be in PowerPoint.
  • The presentation format will be 4:3
  • The laptop to be used for the presentations has WINDOWS 8, Microsoft Office 2013 and Adobe Acrobat XI
  • A pointer will be available
  • Please include the logo for the conference which can be downloaded here.

Submit you abstracts and papers to: