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 Course name TS03: Technical skills course 3: Web-GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructure 
 Location Best Western Parkhotel Westfallenhallen, Dortmund, Germany
 Date 27 and 28 November 2012
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 Lectures Lecture 1: Spatial Decision Support Systems: Introduction to the concepts and requirements.
Dr. Johannes Flacke (Department of urban and regional planning and information management, ITC)
  Lecture 2: Spatial data infrastructure for disaster risk management: overview of concepts and requirements.
Dr. Javier Morales (Department of Geo-Information Processing, ITC)
  Lecture 3: Web-GIS and web-computing. Overview of concepts and requirements.
Dr. Ulan Turdukulov (Department of Geo-Information Processing, ITC)
  Lecture 4: Examples of Web-GIS applications.
Christian Lindner (TUDO, Dortmund
  Lecture 5: Practical exercise on using Web-GIS
Lisa Weinke and Stefan Kienberger (Z-GIS , PLUS, Salzburg)
 E-map session Presentation Mark Fleischhauer (Institute of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund)
  Presentation Axel Meunier (médialab Sciences Po, Paris)
 Workshop Workshop document for defining the requirements of the risk platform
  Presentation on the development of a web-based system in the CHANGES project
Zar Chi Aye (ESR , University of Lausanne)