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ESR01: Thea Turkington

 Name  Thea Turkington
 Nationality  New Zealand
 Address ITC, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, University of Twente, PO Box 217 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
 Host Organisation  ITC
 Research topic Translation of the results of climate change models to expected changes in triggering conditions of hydro-meteorological hazards
   Work package WP1 Modelling changes in hydro-meteorological multi-hazards
   Research interests  

Climate variability and change, regional climate change projections, extreme weather events, natural hazards




Breinl, K., Turkington, T., Stowasser, M. (2013). Stochastic generation of multi-site daily precipitation for applications in risk management. In: Journal of Hydrology, 498, 2013

Breinl, K., Turkington, T., Stowasser, M. (2014). A weather generator for hydro-meteorological hazard applications. In: Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 16, EGU2014-10522.

Breinl, K., Turkington, T., Stowasser, M. (2014). Simulating daily precipitation and temperature: a weather generation framework for assessing hydrometeorological hazards. In: Meteorological Applications, n/a.

Chen L., van Westen C.J., Hussin H., Ciurean R.L., Turkington T., Chavarro-Rincon D., Shrestha D.P. (2015) Integrating expert opinion with modeling for quantitative multi-hazard risk assessment in the Eastern Italian Alps, Geomorphology, in press

Kosanic, A., Harrison, S., Anderson, K., Turkington, T. (2014) Present and Historical Climate Variability and its Ecological Impact on Vegetation in South West England. In: Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 16.
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Turkington, T., Breinl, K., Ettema, J. , van Westen, C.J.(2014), The impact of climate change on causal flood types in two European Alpine catchments. In:Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 16, EGU2014-10775.

Turkington, T., Breinl, K., van Westen, C.J., Malet-J.-P., Ettema, J. (2013). Analysing the problems involved in assessing hydro - meteorological triggers : abstract. In: Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 15, EGU2013-1678

Turkington, T., Ettema, J., and van Westen C.J. (2013) Linking meteorological conditions to flood and flash flood occurrence - why is it so difficult? abstract for the 7th European Conference on Severe Storms, Helsinki, Finland

Turkington, T., Ettema, J., van Westen, C. J., and Breinl, K. (2014) Empirical atmospheric thresholds for debris flows and flash floods in the Southern French Alps, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 1517-1530, 2014 doi:10.5194/nhess-14-1517-2014

Turkington, T., van Westen, C., Ettema, J. (2012), The challenges of identifying and analyzing triggering rainfall amounts for floods and landslides in Europe as part of the CHANGES project. Poster presentation at VALUE End User Conference, Kiel
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