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Geomer Gmbh



General description


Geomer is a private consultancy company focussing on the application of GIS technology in the fields of natural hazard and risk assessment, business intelligence and logistics. GEOMER is a SME company and will provide a very well equipped work environment for young researchers as well as active involvement in ongoing national and international research and applied projects.

Key competences

Flood modelling, hazard and risk modelling and mapping, vulnerability and damage potential modelling and mapping. GIS software development

Key persons

Dr. S. Jäger (GIS data processing)

Dr. A. Assmann (flood modeling).

Previous training programs and research

Lecturer (both key persons) at the master program KAVOMA (Disaster Preparedness and Management, organized by University of Bonn and the German federal disaster management agency. Involvement in many ). GEOMER is currently involved in the FP7-project SAFER, which will establish the Emergency Response Core Service (ERCS) of GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), a joint initiative of the European Commission (EC) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Within this project we are currently developing an asset map model for Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, and France, to be used as input for multiple risk analysis purposes. GEOMER is collaborating with University of Vienna (T. Glade) within the ILEWS project.



ESR-02: secondment

ESR-07: secondment

ER-02: secondment