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AS. Alert Solutions


AS. Alert Solutions

General description

Alert Solutions develops scalable sensor network for real-time monitoring of levees, infrastructure and natural hazards. The sensor network enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple parameters, such as pore water pressure, inclination and temperature, at many positions spread over large areas. Measured data is available live via any internet connection. Users have access to the online Data Panel for visualization and data analysis.

Alert Solutions is the company behind GeoBeads™

Key competences and facilities

Sensor technology, electronics and embedded systems, (wireless) data communication, databases and data analysis software.Facilities: several field test and pilot locations, modest electronics lab, software development tools

Key persons

E. Peters (general manager, risk management)

P. van der Vliet (risk technoloogy)

D. Abrahams (development engineer)

Previous programs

DigiDijk-Dutch Ministry of Transportation – Sensor technology for levee inspection; IJkdijk Macrostability- Early warning systems for instability of levees; IJkdijk Piping – Detection of water flows and erosion pipes in levees; Mountain Risks – study of landslide processes at Super-Sauze and La Valette, Provence Alps, France; Alert Solutions internal R&D – real-time availability of sensor network data (via internet portals) for increased responsiveness to developing risks



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